Microchipping Your Pet

Proper pet identification is essential at all times, but especially during the warmer months when your pet probably spends more time outdoors. Microchips are one of the best ways to keep your pet identified at all times—learn more about them below from a Mint Hill vet.

What’s a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny computer chip that’s electronically imprinted with your pet’s information. This chip is implanted just underneath your pet’s skin. If your pet were to get lost and dropped off at an animal shelter or vet’s office, there are special scanners there that can read the chip’s information. Then, your pet can be returned to their rightful owner.

Why Should I Outfit My Pet with a Microchip?

A pet with a microchip is constantly identified, making the chances of return much higher. Another advantage is that the microchip company can change the information on the chip electronically, without ever removing the chip from your pet! If you were to have a change of address or phone number, your pet’s microchip can be updated quickly and easily.

What About ID Tags?

Many pets still wear ID tags on their collars. This is fine, but microchips have a few advantages. For one, some pets can chew off a collar or get it snagged on something, removing their only identification unless they have a microchip. Plus, ID tags display your contact information for anyone to see—in today’s world, you may feel more comfortable with your information secured on a microchip.

Does Microchipping Hurt my Pet?

Not at all. A microchip is implanted using a needle, which only pierces the first few layers of skin. Just like a regular shot, your pet will only feel a slight pinch at the point of insertion.

How Do I Get My Pet a Microchip?

If you think you’d like to get your pet outfitted with a microchip, set up an appointment with your Mint Hill vet’s office today. It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do for your pet’s well-being!

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