How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Fall

As the cooler breezes and changing colors of autumn roll around this year, take note of some key safety tips for pets. Your Mint Hill veterinarian tells you more below:


As the weather cools, small rodents and insects infiltrate our homes to seek warmth. Many homeowners combat the problem with insecticides and pesticides. Don’t forget that these products aren’t just poisonous to the pests—they can seriously harm our companion animals as well! Place insecticides with extreme caution, and keep your vet’s number close by to call in the event of an emergency.


As winter approaches, many car owners put antifreeze in their car’s engines. Antifreeze is a known pet poison, as it contains ethylene glycol. This alcoholic substance is highly poisonous for pets, and it even has a sweet taste that may attract them. Always use antifreeze cautiously, and store the container properly where pets can’t reach. Clean up any spills right away.

Wild Animals

Snakes are preparing to hibernate for the winter, and they’re especially grumpy in the autumn season. If an unsuspecting pet wanders across one, they’re at a higher risk to get bitten! Other wild critters like raccoons and opossums are also active in the fall, so use caution when your pet is outdoors. Don’t let them roam out of your sight, especially near wooded areas or places with long grasses.

Wild Mushrooms

A small percentage of wild mushrooms are actually very toxic, and mushrooms experience maximum growth in the fall and springtime. While it’s unlikely that your pet will munch down on one that’s dangerous, it’s not worth taking the risk! If mushrooms grow in or around your yard, take care to have your pet avoid them. Also check with your vet to see if there are toxic mushrooms that grow in your area.

Chilly Weather

It’s important to remember that autumn days—and especially nights—can get quite chilly. Don’t leave your pet outdoors for long periods of time to suffer through them. Your furry friend will be happiest indoors in the warmth and comfort of your family.

Consult your Mint Hill veterinarian for more great fall safety tips.

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