Want to Save Some Money on Pet Care?

Let’s face it—caring for a pet can get expensive. Of course you knew this when you adopted your beloved furball, but you probably still wish you could save a little cash now and again. Read on as a Mint Hill vet offers five tips for keeping your pet costs down without sacrificing quality of care.

Preventative Medicine

Preventing a disease or disorder is always far easier and cheaper than treating it. By keeping your pet on pest-control preventatives and keeping her vaccinations up to date, you’re saving yourself a boatload of money and hassle! Ask your veterinarian what common pests your pet needs protected against, as well as what immunizations will best benefit her health.

Groom Pet Yourself

Taking your pet to a groomer can get expensive, so try sprucing your pet up a bit at home. All you need is a quality cat or dog brush and a pet-formulated shampoo. Of course, if your pet has specific grooming needs or you’re entering into pet shows, you may want a pro’s touch.

Portion Size

Overfeeding is risky and not cost-effective for two reasons: one, you’re using up more food more rapidly, causing you to buy more frequently. Secondly, it’s putting your pet at risk for obesity, which will take time and money to correct later! Ensure that you’re doling out your pet’s food in proper portion sizes. Consult your pet’s food bag or ask a veterinary professional if you’re unsure how much to offer.

Don’t Overdo Pet Novelties

Indulging your dog or cat every once in a while with a fancy pet parka or a designer pet perfume is fine, but doing so too frequently is only a waste of money. Remember, your pet doesn’t really care what she’s wearing or showing off in public!

Spay and Neuter

Pets that aren’t spayed or neutered are far more likely to develop cancers, escape their enclosures, act out aggressively, and exhibit other behavior problems. Avoid the worry and cost of treating these issues later in life—spay or neuter your pet early on. The procedure isn’t expensive and it’s very quick and easy, so set up an appointment with your Mint Hill veterinarian if your pet hasn’t been fixed.

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