Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays

Your pet is probably as excited for the holiday season as you are! It’s a joyous time of family, friends, and fun, but don’t let things get spoiled with a pet emergency. Use your Mint Hill vet’s tips, found below, to keep all furry companions safe from harm this season.

Holiday Foods

An abundance of dangerous foods are undoubtedly floating around your home this time of year. The list includes chocolate, candy and gum, garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, caffeine, salty snacks, and alcoholic substances. These and more can cause serious health symptoms in pets, so it’s essential to keep them all safely stored where pets can’t reach. Ask your vet for a complete list of dangerous foods to avoid.

Gift Wrapping

The trouble with gift wrapping is that many of the materials you’re using look like fun toys to some pets, but they can be very hazardous! Have your pet avoid wrapping paper, tape, twine, bows, ribbons, and tissue paper. Also be sure not to leave sharp scissors lying around where a pet—or any member of your family—could step on them.

Tips for the Tree

Ensure that your tree is set up securely in an anchor, because a pet could be injured if the tree falls over on them. Don’t let a pet have access to the stagnant water in the anchor base, because it likely contains harmful bacteria.

Don’t let your pet get ahold of shiny tinsel, because it can easily get wrapped around a pet’s intestines or cause intestinal blockage if swallowed. Also beware of tree ornaments with small, breakable pieces.

Hazardous Holiday Plants

Believe it or not, poinsettia plants, holly, and mistletoe can all cause adverse health symptoms in pets if enough is swallowed. Keep these holiday plants out of your pet’s reach, especially if your four-legged friend is the type to nibble on whatever she can find.

Caution with Candles

Candles are great for setting a special holiday ambiance, but make sure they’re placed properly so that pets can’t reach them. Animals can accidentally swipe tails through candles—not only could this burn them, but they may knock a candle over, possibly starting a fire in the house!

Want more great holiday tips for your pet this year? Call your Mint Hill vet’s office today.

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