Special Care for Your Senior Cat

Your 12-year-old cat Archie sure doesn’t look or act his age. Archie still has that self-assured swagger in his step, and he still loves to pounce on cat toys when he feels the urge. Even though Archie’s in tip-top shape, though, he’s slowly morphing into a feline senior citizen with a different set of care requirements. Your Matthews veterinarian can provide Archie with some valuable nutritional counseling, and the vet can also give Archie regular physical exams. Learn more about what you can do to help Archie to stay healthy during his golden years.

Tailored Nutrition Is Key

Archie has always been a husky guy, but his belly has recently begun to look a bit more apparent. In contrast, your friend’s older cat Moe has actually lost a little weight as he’s gotten older. After your vet determines Archie’s nutritional needs, and asks about your cat’s activity level, he’ll create a diet that nourishes Archie while keeping his weight stable.

Closely monitor Archie’s weight with a scale that displays even tiny up-or-down changes. If Archie loses weight unexpectedly, he could be developing a medical condition. Schedule a vet appointment quickly, as your vet would prefer to diagnose and treat Archie’s problem before it worsens.

Daily Brushing and Hands-On Exam

Archie has always enjoyed having his own personal groomer, as you have always provided your pampered feline with daily brushing sessions. Besides collecting loose hair that could result in hairballs, brushing improves Archie’s circulation and stimulates his skin, both improving his coat health. If Archie ignores his scratching post these days, give him a good nail trim, too. Finally, use your brushing sessions to feel for anything abnormal that might indicate a developing medical problem. Of course, alert your vet immediately if you find something that’s not quite right.

A Stress-Free Feline Lives Here

Set your buddy Archie up for a stress-free life in his golden years. If you’re remodeling your home, or otherwise revising your lifestyle, give Archie some extra attention that will help to balance the inevitable disruptions. If you plan a business trip or vacation, ask a familiar relative, neighbor, or friend to catsit Archie in their home. Also, honor Archie’s wishes, and don’t bring any other pets into your home while he rules the roost.

While meeting Archie’s needs will require some additional effort, he deserves a great quality of life as he becomes a feline senior citizen. When Archie next sees his Matthews vet, the vet will meet a happy, well-cared-for cat who thoroughly enjoys his life every day.

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