New Year’s Resolutions for Confused Dogs

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for 2018? Although your dog will be right there with you as you strive to meet your goals, if you tell him about your resolutions, you may just get an adorable head tilt in response. Fido really doesn’t understand the holiday, or the point of making resolutions. Actually, there are quite a few things our canine pals haven’t figured out yet! Your pup may very well work on sorting some of these things out in the coming year. Here, a Matthews, NC vet suggests some New Year’s resolutions for confused dogs.

Catch The Red Dot

Does your pooch get super excited when you hold a laser pointer for him? That mysterious red dot just makes no sense to our canine friends! Maybe 2018 is the year Fido will finally catch his elusive prey.

Figure Out The Cat

While Fluffy and Fido can definitely get along—and can even become BFFs—there are a lot of things they just don’t see eye-to-eye on. For instance, Fido can’t figure out why his feline roommate wags her tail when she’s angry, why she uses a litterbox, or why she hates car rides! (In all fairness, Man’s Best Friend has a pretty tough goal with this one: we’re not sure that anyone will ever entirely figure cats out!)

Destroy The Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming regularly will really help remove dust, fur, and dander from your home, and will help keep your place looking and smelling nice. It’s also great for fighting fleas! However, Fido just thinks the vacuum is some sort of evil robot that is out to destroy him.

Learn How To Open Cans

If there was one thing Man’s Best Friend really wanted to do this year, it would be to figure out how to open his dog food. Fido may also be interested in learning how to cook bacon.

Get Out Of Bathtime

While our four-legged friends may enjoy feeling fresh and clean, most of them aren’t too keen on the process of getting there. Fido may never stop wondering why he has to put up with being soaked, lathered, and rinsed. Don’t be surprised if he tries some different tactics for getting out of his beauty sessions this year!

Happy New Year! Please feel free to contact us, your Matthews, NC pet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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