Socializing Your Puppy

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Good for you! Little Fido has a lot to learn in the coming months. Teaching your fuzzy buddy good petiquette is very important. However, it’s also crucial to make sure your adorable pet is properly socialized. A Matthews, NC vet discusses socializing puppies in this article.

Why Socializing Is Important

Socializing is crucial to dogs’ mental and emotional development. Dogs that were properly socialized tend to be much friendlier and better behaved. Pooches that haven’t been properly socialized are more likely to be suspicious or uneasy around strangers and in unfamiliar places, and may be more prone to behavioral problems, including aggression.

Time Frame

There is a specific window of time for socialization. This has to happen while your canine pal is still young. The window starts to close at about 12 weeks: after that, little Fido may already have formed an opinion about the world. Ask your vet for more information.

Socialization Tactics

Don’t think of socializing as a chore: it can actually be quite fun! Invite some people with friendly, well-mannered dogs over for a puppy party. Have a potluck or grill out for your friends, and set out treats and toys for Fido’s buddies. It’s important for your four-legged pal to spend time with other dogs, so he can learn the do’s and don’ts of hanging out with other pooches. Have everyone take turns petting your puppy, and offering him toys, treats, and ear scritches. You can even take your canine companion to a park. Just sit there: before long, people will approach, wanting to pet him. It’s hard to resist petting a puppy! Be sure to introduce your furry friend to a wide variety of people. This will help him form an open mind. If you have a tight schedule, consider enrolling your little buddy in doggy daycare.


When socializing little Fido, pay close attention to his behavior and body language. Puppies can get frightened by too much commotion! If your canine buddy shakes, licks his lips, or tries to hide behind you, he may be scared. Don’t fondle him or reward him: this may make him think that being nervous around people is acceptable. Just take him home and let him relax. Try again another day.

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