Creating a Kitty Garden

Do you keep your kitty indoors? If so, that’s terrific! We strongly recommend that cats stay inside. Kitties that roam freely face many serious hazards, such as cars, weather, and predators. However, Fluffy does enjoy getting some fresh air. Cats also benefit from the stimulation of sniffing plants. One great way to keep your cat purring—while keeping her safe—is to make her an indoor kitty garden. Here, a Matthews, NC vet discusses creating a kitty garden.


Do you have an enclosed porch or patio? If so, that’s a great place for Fluffy’s garden! You can also use a spare room or sunroom. If you want to go all-out, make a kitty enclosure outdoors.

Feline Favorites

No matter where you put your garden, there are a few must-haves. Catnip, of course, is at the top of the list here. Grow your own in small containers for your furball to nibble on. Cat grass—or wheat grass, as it is also called—is also very popular with our feline pals. Upcycle an old litterbox into a grass mat planter by cleaning it, adding soil and wheat grass seeds. In a few weeks, Fluffy will have a living carpet to sunbathe on!


Many herbs are safe for cats. Mint, sage, and parsley all get the green light. Plant little pots, or combine them together in one big one. Rosemary and thyme are also safe. These herbs are also great to cook with! Lemongrass is another great choice, and can keep your home smelling great.


Fluffy may not really care whether or not her garden looks nice, but there’s no reason you can’t spruce it up with some pretty flowers. Zinnias, marigolds, African violets, and impatience plants are all kitty-safe.


Plants help filter the air, and can give your home a fresh, clean look. Boston ferns, Spider plants, Swedish Ivy, and Prayer plants are all great houseplants that are safe for Fluffy. If you like palms and potted trees, you can include Rubber tree plants, Money trees, Ponytail palms, and Areca palms.


Be sure to only include plants that are safe for your furry buddy. You can find a full list of safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA site here.

Please contact us, your local Matthews, NC pet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here for you!

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