Grooming Your Bunny

Have you recently adopted a rabbit? Congratulations! One area about bunny care that new rabbit parents often get confused about is grooming. Should you bathe Floppy? What exactly does your furry pal need, as far as grooming? Read on as a Matthews, NC vet offers some helpful tips on grooming your bunny.


We don’t usually advise bathing bunnies. Rabbits get cold very easily, and also get very stressed from being wet. In fact, bunnies can even go into shock by being bathed! If Floppy ever gets waste stuck to her bottom, you may need to clean this area. You can do that by filling a litterbox with a few inches of warm water. Put a towel in the bottom, and then put your bunny’s rear in the water. Hold her paws, so only her bottom gets wet, and swish the water around to clean her.


Although Floppy doesn’t need regular baths, she definitely does need to be brushed regularly. You’ll want to be extremely gentle here, as rabbit skin is very fragile and tears easily. Use a detangling brush to remove any mats. When your bunny molts, she’ll need daily brushings. Super fluffy bunnies, like Angoras, also need daily brushings. Otherwise, once a week should be sufficient.


Bunny claws can get quite sharp, and can easily snag in tear on carpets or upholstery. You’ll need to trim your pet’s nails regularly. Most rabbits should have peticures about every month or so. Ask your vet for specific instructions.


Bunnies sometimes do get dust in their eyes. If your pet can’t open her eyes, or if you see any sort of thick gunk or discharge, you’ll want to contact your vet. However, if you suspect Floppy just has a bit of dust or debris in her eye, you can clean it gently with a clean cloth and warm water.


You’ll need to keep your rabbit’s ears clean. Bunnies have very sensitive ears, so be very gentle! Use a clean cloth or gauze to gently remove dirt and wax from Floppy’s ears.


Make sure your adorable little pet knows she is being pampered, not punished. Talk to Floppy as you groom her. When you’re done, reward her with a yummy treat.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Matthews, NC vet clinic, today. We are here to help!

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