Obesity in Cats

Did you know that obesity rates are rising among our feline friends? Chubby cats are adorable, but they face some serious health issues! Read on as a Matthews, NC vet discusses kitty obesity.

Dangers of Obesity

Obesity can cause many of the same health problems in kitties as it does in people. Heart disease, respiratory issues, bone/joint trouble, and skin problems are just the tip of the iceberg here! Your feline pal will be much healthier if she stays at or near her ideal weight.


It probably won’t be much of a surprise to learn that Fluffy’s diet is a huge factor in her weight. Many kitties have their humans basically trained to feed them on demand. If your furball is turning into a butterball, you may need to steel yourself against those plaintive meows. Ask your vet to recommend a specific menu for your feline buddy. You’ll be much less likely to give in if you know your pet is eating exactly what she should.


Treats are fine, but don’t go overboard here. Even giving your cat a few treats too many each day can cause her to gain a pound a year! Fluffy can have one or two store bought treats a day. You can also give your kitty plain, canned tuna or chicken in water, or a little bit of shredded deli meat.

Fluffy’s Workout

As one might expect, your furball’s activity level will play a large role in her overall weight. Fluffy’s love of naps is a bit detrimental here. Catching mice burns quite a few more calories than catching Z’s! Keep your furry pal active by offering her lots of toys and playing with her regularly. You can also give your kitty pieces of furniture that encourage her to jump and climb. Cat towers are great for this! Keeping your pet entertained can also help reduce or prevent boredom snacking. Just like people, kitties sometimes eat when they feel bored.

Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Never put your cat on a crash diet. This is very bad for your kitty’s metabolism, and could make Fluffy very sick! Your furry friend will need to slim down slowly in order to lose weight without compromising her health. Ask your vet for specific advice.

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