Indoor Cat Care

Fluffy may think of herself as a fierce, ferocious predator, but at the end of the day, she’s very small and fragile. Your feline friend indoors will be both healthier and safer as an indoor pet, as she will be protected from cars, weather, and other hazards. However, she will still need lots of TLC. A Matthews, NC vet discusses indoor cat care below.


Does Fluffy stay home alone while you go to work? Your furball will probably spend a good chunk of her day sleeping, but it’s important for her to have ways to amuse herself. Get your cat a variety of toys, inducing some she can play with when she’s alone.


Plants will not only make your house look and smell better, they’ll also help keep your kitty content, by giving her something to nibble on and hide behind. Set out some pet-safe plants for your feline buddy. You can find a list of both safe and unsafe plants on the ASPCA site.


Kitties are more than a little prone to getting into mischief. Make your home safe for Fluffy by removing or securing anything that could be dangerous. This includes toxic plants; wires and cords; chemicals; medications; small or sharp objects; and plastic bags and ties.

Kitty Comforts

When you leave your pet alone, turn a radio or TV on for background noise. We also recommend leaving a light on if you’ll be out after dark. Last but not least, keep your climate control running.

Veterinary Care

Even indoor kitties need regular veterinary care. Fluffy should be microchipped, fixed, and kept current on her exams, parasite control, and vaccines. Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.

A View

Cats love looking out windows, and seeing what’s going on in the world. Give your kitty a comfy spot before a window with a good view. Just make sure the window closes securely!

Playtime and Cuddles

Our feline pals have tried very hard to build a reputation for being cold and aloof. However, Fluffy is actually very emotional, and will get sad and lonely if is left by herself too much. Spend time with your kitty every day. Pet her, play with her, and just let her snuggle up with you.

Please contact us, your Matthews, NC vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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