Announcing Our New Fear Free Initiative

Does your dog hide when he hears the word vet? Does your cat bolt for cover the moment she spots her carrier? If so, your furry friends are in good company. Many pets are less than enthusiastic about doctor’s visits. Here at Fullwood Animal Hospital, we’re working hard to change that. That’s why we’re so thrilled to announce that we are now officially certified as a Fear Free practice! A Matthews, NC veterinarian discusses this terrific new program below.

Fear Free Basics

Fluffy and Fido need proper veterinary care to stay healthy, but they don’t really understand what their appointments are all about. After all, new places and faces can be a bit intimidating for our four-legged companions. The presence and scents of other animals—some of whom may not feel very well—is also unsettling. Plus, for our feline patients, there’s the additional stress of going on a car ride. Knowing these things inspired Dr. Marty Becker to found Fear Free in 2016, with the goal of making veterinary appointments easier for pets by reducing their fear and anxiety. Essentially, the Fear Free method utilizes a variety of tools and methods, such as calming pheromones, soothing music, and treats, to keep pets calm and comfortable during veterinary appointments.

Why Fear Free?

We have always kept pets’ comfort in mind during appointments. However, this is one area where we really wanted to go above and beyond, and offer our furry patients a more pawsitive experience. The Fear Free method perfectly suits our ultimate purr-pose, which is to make life better for our animal companions at every turn. We’re also delighted to see the Fear Free method taking off. Over 48,000 veterinary and pet professionals have committed to becoming certified. That’s going to result in a lot of purrs and tail wags!

Fear Free At Home

Going Fear Free doesn’t only apply to veterinarians and pet-care professionals. You can also use it to keep your beloved pet happy and comfortable at home. After all, your pet’s mental and emotional well-being is just as important as their physical health. To find out more, and/or sign up for newsletters, articles, and other resources, visit the Fear Free Happy Homes page here.

Do you want to learn more about Fear Free? Is your pet due for an appointment? Contact us, your local Matthews, NC vet clinic, today!

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