Fido’s Begging Habit

Dogs are absolutely adorable, and have a special way of making us smile. They are also pretty good at getting us to hand over yummy tidbits! Man’s Best Friend has had a long time—perhaps as much as 30,000 years—to figure out the exact expression that is most effective on us at dinnertime. Read on as a Matthews, NC vet discusses Fido’s begging habits.

Why Begging Is Bad

It may seem harmless to share leftovers with your canine buddy, or offer him a piece of bacon. This isn’t entirely incorrect. Snacks are actually fine, and can be a great way to bond with your pup and get that cute tail going. However, there’s a fine line between giving dogs snacks and outright spoiling them. If your pooch is too pampered, he could get really bold about eating your food. Fido may start stealing food from your plate or harassing your guests. That’s bad petiquette! It’s also dangerous, as your pet could also eat something that is toxic!


Petiquette isn’t the only reason to curb your pup’s theatrical begging habits. It’s probably safe to say that begging plays a significant role in doggy obesity rates, which are skyrocketing. We understand that people love their pets, and want to pamper them. However, Fido will be much healthier if you spoil him with toys and belly rubs instead of with cheeseburgers.

Stopping Bad Habits

Dogs are more than capable of learning what is and isn’t allowed. In some cases, you may just need to tell Fido ‘Don’t beg’ firmly to get the point across. Having your pooch Lay Down can also help. If your canine friend is already pushy, consider crating him or putting him in a separate area while you eat. It may also help to feed your dog at the same time as you eat, so he’ll be distracted. (Just keep in mind that your pup will probably need a walk right after supper.)

Last Resort

As we mentioned above, dogs are very skilled beggars. It can be hard to resist that adorable furry face and those sad eyes. If you really can’t help but give in, offer Fido a carrot stick instead of that hot dog he’s hoping for. It’s at least a healthier option!

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