7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Bird Safe

Have you recently adopted a bird? Good for you! Birds are very small and fragile, so you’ll need to take precautions to keep your cute little buddy safe when she’s out and about. Read as a Matthews, NC vet discusses keeping Polly safe and healthy.

Use Bird-Friendly Window Coverings

Windows and mirrors are both very dangerous for birds. Polly often mistakes them for solid surfaces, and tries to fly through them. Birds can also get entangled in blinds or curtain ropes. Use bird-safe window coverings, like shades. You may also want to put a hanging plant in the window.

Keep Polly Out Of The Kitchen

The kitchen is a very dangerous spot for Polly! Your pet could hurt herself on things like knives, she could burn herself on a hot stove or pan. Toxic foods are dangerous as well: many of our favorite foods aren’t safe for birds. Water is another concern: a pot of boiling water or a full sink are both dangerous for your winged friend. Kitchen fumes are also hazardous. Many types of modern cookware gives off fumes that are toxic to birds.

No-Go Zones

Don’t let Polly loose around open doors, heaters, fireplaces, or candles. Also, keep appliances, such as toilets, closed when not in use.

Remove Dangerous Objects

Birds are very curious and playful, and like to investigate anything they can get their claws on. Remove or secure anything that could be dangerous to Polly. That includes toxic plants, plastic bags and ties, cords, anything small or sharp, chemicals, and medications.

Turn Off Ceiling Fans

Before you let Polly out for her daily playtime, turn off all fans. Your cute pet could seriously injure herself if she flies into a fan!

Provide Clean Air

Our feathered pals have very sensitive lungs. Never expose Polly to any kind of fumes or vapors. This includes cigarette smoke, candles, aerosols, perfumes, air fresheners, cooking fumes, and vapors from paint, turpentine, household cleaners, and/or other chemicals.

Keep Fluffy and Fido Away

Dogs and cats are great pets, but they aren’t suitable playmates for birds. Even the sweetest pet can seriously injure your winged friend with just one instinctive swipe of a paw! Keep your furry friends in another area when Polly is out of her cage.

Do you have questions about bird care? Contact us, your Matthews, NC veterinary clinic, today!

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