The Rules of Fluffy’s Cattitude

Kitties are small, but they have pretty big purrsonalities. Actually, Fluffy can be a handful. She has a habit of getting into mischief, and can be a bit temperamental. How does something so small have such a big ego? A local Matthews, NC vet discusses kitty cattitude below.

If I Fits, I Sits

Kitties are very good at finding themselves places to nap. Beds and chairs are great, but cats will also doze off in boxes, on shelves, and, well, anywhere else that suits them. This includes your lap, your computer, the book you’re trying to read, and the chair you just got up from. Fluffy may also give a little meow of protest if you move her mid-nap.

The Cat Decides Cuddle Schedules

Always let your feline overlord decide when it’s time for cuddles. Forcing attention on a furball is a huge faux pas in Fluffy’s book! Of course, kitties reserve the right to request (or demand) attention at any time. They also get to decide when cuddle time is over.


Cats know that their meows have a way of pulling at our heartstrings. In fact, Fluffy may have started meowing specifically to cajole us into offering her food and comfy napping spots. Of course, some kitties are more chatty than others are. Many of our furry patients even like to argue with their humans!

The Look of Disdain

As you may know, cats were considered sacred in ancient Egypt, as well as in other ancient civilizations. Fluffy clearly has not forgotten this. She’s also had a few thousand years to purrfect the adorable self-satisfied look that kitties do so well.

Ignorance Is Bliss

Recent studies have shown that yes, Fluffy actually is ignoring you when she doesn’t answer your calls. How rude!

Everything’s a Toy

Kitties are very playful by nature. Offer Fluffy lots of fun toys to smack under the couch. Of course, your feline pal may also play with your shoelaces, your keys, your pen, and anything else she wants!

Love Conquers All

Fluffy may not be purrfect, but she is extremely loving and cuddly, not to mention absolutely adorable. Even if your furry buddy is a bit spoiled, you probably can’t help but melt when she snuggles up with you, purring. That’s the magic of cats!

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