Choosing a Pet Reptile

Here at Fullwood Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on offering excellent care for animals of all shapes and sizes, including exotic pets and reptiles. Many people like the idea of having an unusual pet. However, there are definitely some things to keep in mind before adopting one. Read on as a Matthews, NC vet lists some things to consider when choosing a reptile.

Life Expectancy

Whenever you adopt a pet, you’re making a commitment to care for that animal for its entire life. With reptiles, that time frame can vary wildly. Some smaller lizards may only live about a year, while certain types of turtles can grow to be well over a hundred. On average, it isn’t uncommon for reptiles to live 20-30 years. Make sure you are ready, willing, and able to care for your animal companion for their entire life.


Reptile habitats can be beautiful, and they can make attractive and unique decorative pieces. However, they aren’t necessarily cheap. You may find that keeping your pet’s tank at the right conditions takes up quite a bit of power. If you’re in a rural area, you’ll also need to have a backup plan ready in case of a power outage.


While some reptiles stay fairly small, others can grow to 6 feet long, or, in the case of some snakes, even longer. If you’ve never cared for a reptile before, you definitely want to choose something that won’t get too big. This is also something to consider as far as space. Make sure you have room to house your tiny dinosaur when he isn’t so tiny.


While every animal has some sort of personality, you may find that many reptiles and exotic pets aren’t particularly cuddly or charismatic. If you want an affectionate pet, you may want to go another route.

Feeding Habits

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that many exotic pets eat bugs, mice, or other creepy crawlies. If you’re not exactly keen on the idea of coming home with live mealworms or crickets, or frozen rats, you may want to opt for another pet. Even if you aren’t squeamish about the food, it’s also important to remember that you won’t be able to run to a convenience store to feed your pet.

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