Fido’s Cutest Habits

Does your dog sometimes tilt his head when you talk to him, as though he’s asking you to clarify yourself? This adorable habit always makes us smile. Actually, Fido is chock-full of charming—and sometimes silly—mannerisms. A Matthews, NC vet lists some of the cutest ones below.

The Happy Dance

Although many cats are happy when their owners come home, dogs definitely win the prize for giving us the most enthusiastic welcomes. Fido often literally jumps for joy when he sees his favorite human walking through the door!

Doggy Support

Fido didn’t earn the title of Man’s Best Friend by accident. Dogs have stood faithfully by our sides over the centuries, providing protection, comfort, friendship, and assistance, along with comedic relief. One of the most remarkable things about our canine companions is the way they can tell when their human buddies are down. Your pooch may put his paw on your leg or stick extra close when you’re sad or upset.

Tail Chaser

Most dogs eventually outgrow their love for chasing their tails, but puppies just can’t seem to help it sometimes. Think of this as the doggy version of how little kids sometimes like spinning around to get dizzy on purpose.

Goofy Water Play

Many of our canine buddies absolutely love playing in water. (Golden Retrievers are notoriously adorable when they’re do this.) You can’t help but giggle when watching Fido play in the spray from a sprinkler!

Toy Presentation

Does your pup sometimes run up to you holding his favorite toy? This official doggy playtime request is both adorable and hard to refuse!

The Foot Thump

Just like people, dogs get a bit itchy sometimes. However, they can’t always reach those itches, so they often rely on us to help out. Fido sometimes starts thumping his leg when you get the right spot.

The Tail Wag

Although it isn’t always easy to tell what our canine pals are thinking, it is obvious when they’re happy or excited about something. Fido’s happy tail wags are totally endearing!


We can’t condone begging: after all, it is bad petiquette. However, we can’t deny that Fido has absolutely mastered the soulful expression that is so effective at pulling our heartstrings … and getting us to share our cheeseburgers.

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