Caring for a Pet Frog

April is National Frog Month! Frogs may not rate very high in the ranks of most popular pets, but they do have some pretty dedicated fans. A Matthews, NC vet discusses frog care below.


Frogs’ diet, habitat, and care needs vary wildly, depending on their species. Some are live in trees or branches, some are aquatic, and some live on land. Expected lifespans also vary, and can range from four to fifteen years. You’ll also see quite a range in size. Some of these guys stay quite small. Others, like the oddly-named pixie frog, get quite large. The African bullfrog, for example, can grow up to 9 inches long and tends to be a bit of a porker. Breed and size both play large roles in determining how active a frog is. The little guys tend to be quite lively, while the bigger ones tend to be, well, a bit lazy.

Benefits Of Frogs

Why get a pet frog? Well, they are kind of cute in their own way, and some can be quite fun to watch. Their homes can also make attractive conversation pieces. Plus, they don’t need much space, won’t scratch your couch or tear through the garbage, and don’t need training. They’re also a suitable choice for many people with allergies. That said, there are a few downsides. Most frogs eat insects, which will be a dealbreaker for some folks. It can also be challenging to keep their habitats clean. Last but not least, you may not be able to handle your pet very much, because many frogs have quite sensitive skin.

Choosing A Frog

If you have never had a frog before, you’ll want to start with one that’s easy to take care of. Dwarf frogs are quite popular. These little guys are completely aquatic, and are actually quite active and cute. The pretty Oriental Fire-bellied toad is another good choice. The tree-dwelling White’s Tree frog is also a good beginner frog, if not the most entertaining pet you could choose. Other good options for first-time frog owners include the African Clawed frog, the American Green Tree frog, and the Pacman frog. As mentioned above, different types of frogs have very different care needs. Do plenty of research, and ask your vet for specific advice.

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