9 Reasons to Celebrate Hamsters

There’s a special holiday coming up, and many of our smallest patients would be quite happy to hear about it. May 10th is National Hamster Day! These tiny furballs are actually really lovable little pets. A Matthews, NC vet lists some reasons to celebrate hamsters below.

No Training Required

Many of our animal companions need petucation to learn how to behave properly. (Cats, of course, usually train their humans, but that’s another topic.) You don’t have to worry about teaching Hammy to Sit, Stay, or Come. However, you can still teach your pint-sized pal complicated tricks like Be Cute and Ignore Me.

They’re Gentle

Hamsters are really quite docile, as long as they have been properly socialized and are handled regularly. This is one reason they make such good children’s pets!

Tiny Daredevils

If you read up on caring for a hamster, you’ll likely notice that most people recommend giving these little guys a solid exercise wheel. What you may not see mentioned is the fact that Hammy sees this as his personal speedway, and will sometimes spin himself out of control. Watching your tiny buddy work out can be pretty entertaining!

Space Saver

Hammy doesn’t need a big habitat. That makes him a great pet for people who don’t have much living space.

They’re Quiet

With a hamster, it’s probably safe to say that you don’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining that your pet is keeping them up at night. That’s definitely a plus!

Photo Opportunities

Hamsters may be small, but when it comes to being in the spotlight, many of them are, well, hams. You can take all sorts of adorable photos of your tiny pal! Look online for ideas and inspiration.

Easy Care

These miniature furballs are quite easy keepers. Although you’ll regularly need to clean Hammy’s cage, your daily tasks may only involve giving him fresh food and water and spot cleaning any waste.

No Destruction

Another great thing about Hammy? He won’t chew up your shoes, dig up your flowerbeds, or scratch up your couch. You also don’t have to worry about him growling at your visitors!

They’re Adorable!

Last but certainly not least, hamsters are just plain cute. It’s hard not to smile at those furry little faces!

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