How to Properly Hug a Cat

May 30th is International Hug Your Cat Day! This is one cause we’re happy to celebrate! Kitties are not only very cute and cuddly, they’re also just the right size to fit into our arms or on our laps. However, there are some definite do’s and don’ts when it comes to hugging cats. Here, a Matthews, NC vet offers tips on how to properly hug your furball.

Time It Right

Timing is very important here. You want to pick a time when your kitty is feeling affectionate and perhaps a bit cuddly. After a meal and a fun play session is a good option. Of course, some of our feline pals want attention 24/7. If you have a furry little cuddlebug on your hands, you may find that there just is no wrong time to hug your pet!

Support Your Kitty Properly

When hugging Fluffy, be sure to hold her so that her bottom or back legs are supporting her weight. (This of course doesn’t apply if your cat decides to wrap herself around your neck.) Never hold your kitty around the middle. That can actually be dangerous, as it can cause injuries.

Prompt Purr Activation

Once your cat has settled into place, start gently petting her, going in the direction of her fur. You can also rub her ears or chin. Your furball should start her engine pretty quickly! 

Don’t Force It

Never attempt to hug a cat that isn’t feeling very affectionate. This may very well get you scratched! Plus, it could make Fluffy wary of being hugged or held in the future. (Of course, cats have a way of demanding attention when we’re busy, and then ignoring us when we aren’t doing anything. That’s just purr for the course with these little furballs!)

When To Say When

Fluffy will definitely let you know when she has had enough. In some cases, kitties will start wiggling to let their humans know they are ready to get down. Other felines are a bit less patient, and will just jump out of your arms. Try to put your cat down gently, either on the floor or perhaps a couch or chair. Don’t let go until those cute paws are touching down!

Is your kitty due for an exam, vaccines, or parasite control? Feel free to contact us, your local Matthews, NC vet clinic, anytime! 

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