Fluffy’s Mew Year’s Day Plans

Happy New Year! Of course, for our feline patients, the official new year holiday is tomorrow. January 2nd is Mew Year’s Day for kitties! While you may be going back to the grind after the holiday season, your pet will probably be celebrating in her own way. A local Matthews, NC vet gives some ‘petucated’ guesses as to Fluffy’s holiday agenda below.


Our feline pals are not actually cold-blooded, but we’re not sure that they’ve actually realized that yet. If it’s sunny at all tomorrow, Fluffy will probably spend a chunk of her day sprawled out in a sunbeam.

Play With A New Toy

Many of our patients get new playthings for the holidays. Toys really do make purrfect gifts for cats! Your furball may take her new catnip mouse for a spin, or try to work on her soccer skills.

Make Resolutions

Have you ever wondered what sort of goals Fluffy would set if she could make resolutions? We suspect that many kitties would strive to get rid of their canine roommates or at least repossess their beds. Fluffy may also want to work on her flexibility, improve her moth-catching skills, or nail that tricky wiggle/run/jump/pounce/roll/kick/meow combination.


Proper nutrition is very important to Fluffy’s overall health. Start your furry friend out on the right paw this year by making sure she’s eating high-quality, nourishing pet food. Give your kitty a special treat, like some canned tuna!


Holiday or no holiday, Fluffy will still dutifully strive to achieve her daily napping goals. By the end of the day, she may already be on her 50th snooze of the year!

Beauty Session

There are many things to love about our feline buddies, but one of the best things about them is the fact that they’re naturally very clean pets. In fact, they spend as much as a third of their waking time grooming themselves. Help Fluffy out by brushing her gently. 


Kitties cuddles are truly precious! It’s always nice to relax on a chilly night with your furry friend purring on your lap. Pay Fluffy some extra attention today. You can even add some cat-care related goals to your list of resolutions for the coming year!

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