6 Reasons to Take Your Exotic to the Vet

Do you have an exotic pet, such as a chinchilla, hedgehog, or reptile? We love seeing less common pets thriving in great homes. Of course, just like any other pet, these guys also need regular veterinary care. A Matthews, NC vet lists some key reasons to take your exotic animal companion to the doctor below.


Feeding Fido and Fluffy isn’t exactly rocket science: you can find dog and cat food at almost any store, including many gas stations. Feeding exotics is a bit more involved. Many of them have very specific needs. It’s important to discuss nutrition with your vet, and make sure that your pet is eating a proper diet.


Vaccination protocols and availability vary widely from pet to pet. Some exotics, such as ferrets, teacup pigs, and fennec foxes, are required to have certain vaccinations. With other pets, there are few or any approved vaccinations. Make sure you know what is recommended and available for your pet, and keep up with those vaccinations.

Preventative Care

Regular exams are very important, as they often reveal developing issues before symptoms occur. It’s much easier—and often more successful—to treat illnesses early on. Learning what to look for with exotic pets also often requires a learning curve. Your vet is a crucial ally here! They can tell you about common diseases and injuries that could affect your pet. They’ll also be able to go over some of the things you should watch for.

Beauty Rituals

Our animal companions vary widely as far as their beauty needs go. However, exotics may require things like nail trims or beak trims. This can be difficult for someone that has never done this before. The last thing you want to do is cut too far or improperly!

Parasite Control

One thing that all animals have in common? They are all susceptible to parasitic infections, albeit from different types of parasites. Your vet will be able to provide tips and options on parasite prevention and, if it’s too late for that, diagnose and treat infestations.

Dental Care

Did you know that many exotics, such as hedgehogs, ferrets, and bearded dragons, require dental exams and/or cleanings? This is definitely something you’ll want professional assistance with!

Please contact us, your Matthews, NC animal clinic, with any questions or concerns about exotic pet care. We’re here to help!

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