Playing With a Senior Cat

Is your kitty starting to slow down? Cats usually age pretty gracefully, so you probably won’t see drastic changes happening quickly. Fluffy may sleep more than she once did, and she won’t be quite as frisky or mischievous. However, your furry pal will still enjoy unleashing her inner kitten sometimes. A Matthews, NC vet offers some advice on playing with an aging feline below.

Make It Routine

Cats tend to be creatures of habit. Fluffy will really benefit the most from playtime if it’s part of her regular kitty routine. This gives your feline buddy something to look forward to, and helps structure her day a bit. Try to play with your cute pet at roughly the same time every day. If you like to wind down by watching TV, just keep a cat toy near your favorite lounging spot.

Don’t Worry About Overdoing It

Dogs will push themselves to please their humans, so overexertion can be a worry with them. Cats? Not so much. Actually, Fluffy will just ‘quit’ playing as soon as she gets the least bit tired. As your pet grows older, she may be done after one or two pounces and a half-hearted paw swipe. That’s fine! Every little bit helps.

Make It Challenging

Fluffy will enjoy playing more with an ‘adversary’ that you control. Use playthings like wand toys, remote-controlled mice, or laser pointers. This will make things more interesting for your furry friend.

Let Fluffy Win

Don’t forget to let your kitty ‘catch’ her prey sometimes. Of course, we all know that Fluffy will never catch that elusive red dot. If you’re playing with a laser pointer, offer her a yummy treat or a bit of catnip as a reward.

Pat Yourself On The Back

By playing with your feline pal regularly, you’re actually taking very important steps towards keeping her happy and healthy as she ages. The activity Fluffy gets from running and jumping is great for her physically. Plus, playing offers her beneficial mental stimulation. Cats have to concentrate to time those tricky jumps and pounces. That’s very good for your furball’s mind. In fact, it can help ward off cognitive decay. This is very similar to how reading or doing crossword puzzles helps keep our brains healthy as we age.

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