Doggy Paw Care

Does your dog know cute tricks with his paws, such as Shake or Gimme Paw? Your pet’s furry feet are not only adorable … they’re also crucial to his health and well-being. After all, Fido couldn’t run, jump, or play without them! Here, a Matthews, NC vet talks about caring for your canine pal’s paws.


Keeping your pup’s nails clipped is very important! If Fido’s nails are too long, he’ll have a hard time getting traction on slippery ground. He may also shift his weight or adjust his stride, both of which are bad for his bones and joints. Of course, many people are uneasy about clipping their dogs’ nails themselves. If you’ve never done this before, ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques. Another option is to take your furry pal to the vet or groomer’s for his pawdicures. You can also look into some modern gadgets, such as electric claw files and clippers equipped with sensors.

Toe Fur

If your four-legged friend has tufts of fur growing beneath his toes, you’ll probably want to clip these. Otherwise, they can get gunked up with foreign objects. They can also gather painful ice balls in winter.


Some dogs are very uneasy about getting their paws handled. If your pooch doesn’t like having his feet touched, start working on some desensitization training. Offer Fido a yummy snack whenever he gives you his foot! While you’re working on this, don’t clip your canine buddy’s nails every time you handle them. Sometimes, just give him a treat and an ear scritch, and let him go.

Paw Pad Care

Fido’s ‘toe beans’ are very sensitive. In summer, he can get burns and blisters by running on hot or harsh surfaces. (Dogs’ paws are extra delicate when they are wet, so take extra care after your pup has been swimming.) Winter has its own hazards: snow, salt, sand, and ice can all damage your furry friend’s feet. Use paw balm or wax to protect and moisturize your pup’s feet. You may also want to keep a towel or paw wipes near the door, and quickly wipe his feet down before you take him in. This one is particularly handy during mud season!

If you have any questions or concerns about caring for your dog’s feet, please contact us right away. As your Matthews, NC veterinary clinic, we’re here to help!

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