Siamese Cat Day

April 6th is Siamese Cat Day! While all of our feline friends are very charismatic and sociable, the Siamese is definitely extra sociable … not to mention super cute. A local Mint Hill, NC vet discusses these charming kitties below.

A Long Tale

Today, the Siamese cat is often called a Meezer. However, Fluffy’s history is much more impressive than that cute nickname implies. These cats were once revered by the royals of Siam, which is now modern-day Thailand. In fact, records mention them being around as long ago as 1350. Siamese cats were also featured in an ancient book of poetry known as the Tamra Maew, or Cat Book Poems. By the 19th century, these cute kitties had become extremely popular in Europe and America.


Siamese cats also have some very interesting myths attached to them. In one of these ‘tails,’ a kitty was put in charge of guarding a precious vase. The dutiful feline stared at the vase so intently that her eyes crossed! It was also once believed that the souls of deceased royals would go into Siamese cats. This resulted in Fluffy being brought to a temple and treated like, well, royalty. (We suspect that they still remember this.)

A Loving Pet

Another characteristic of the Siamese cat is the fact that they are very affectionate, and get extremely attached to their humans. In fact, they tend to get quite distressed and lonely if they are left alone too long. If Fluffy will spend a lot of time by herself, you may want to consider getting her a playmate.

Chatty Cats

If you’ve ever had—or even interacted with—a Siamese cat, you may have noticed that these kitties are quite vocal. In fact, their meows often sound like those of a human baby. If you want a quiet pet, this is probably not the breed for you. Fluffy will talk—loudly and at length—about everything from the moth in the living room to her opinion on the weather.


Speaking of playtime, another fun thing about Siamese cats is the way they play. These super frisky felines seem to think they are dogs: many of them play Fetch, enjoy water, and like being walked on leashes.

Do you have questions about caring for a Siamese cat? Contact us today! As your Mint Hill, NC veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to offering great veterinary care.

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