Fluffy’s Autumn Plans

Autumn is officially upon us! For many of you, seasonal events like corn mazes are on the agenda over the next few weeks. Of course, our feline pals also have a few things on their schedules. Read on as a Matthews, NC vet discusses your furball’s plans for the next few weeks.

Watch Foliage

Many of our feline overlords love watching leaves fall. However, it’s best to let Fluffy do this from inside. Autumn is a very dangerous time for kitties! Dropping temperatures are one concern. The shorter daylight also puts your furball at risk of getting lost or hurt. On top of that, there are a lot of chemicals and toxins to worry about at this time of year. These include things like fertilizers, antifreeze, poisonous plants and mushrooms, and rodenticides. Black cats are particularly at risk.


Fluffy may change up her napping schedule and spots a bit as the weather cools. Kitties love to find warm spots to snooze in when it’s chilly. You may find your furry buddy sleeping in a basket of warm laundry or curled up near a heating vent. One way to get your pet’s motor going? Offer her a thermal bed.


As the days get shorter, Fluffy may try to soak up as much sun as she can. Don’t be surprised if you find her sprawled out in a sunbeam!

Play With Décor

Kitties are very curious. If you decorate for the season, you’ll probably find Fluffy wanting to inspect everything you put out. Be careful with this! Keep anything that could be dangerous out of paw’s reach. This includes small or sharp items, candles, anything with wires or cords, plastic bags and wrappers, and candies.

Get Pampered

Cats are pretty good about keeping themselves clean, but that doesn’t mean Fluffy can’t use a helping hand with her beauty regimen. Brush your furball regularly. Getting that dust, dead hair, and dander out of her coat will keep her warm and comfortable.


Our drowsy feline friends somehow manage to get even sleepier on cold, dreary days. Fluffy may spend a chunk of autumn snoozing on your lap. Nothing wrong with that! Relaxing with a purring cat and a good book or movie is a great way to spend a rainy fall day.

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