National Fetch Day

Does your canine buddy like to play Fetch? If so, he’d probably be pretty excited to learn that October 17th is National Fetch Day! Dogs are always super cute to watch when they are happily running after their favorite ball or stick. While there’s definitely no bad time to play with your furry buddy, this definitely calls for a fun play session. A Matthews, NC vet discusses Fido’s favorite game below.


Any pooch can learn to play Fetch. However, it definitely comes more easily to some dogs than to others. Retrievers and hunting breeds are often naturals at this classic doggy game, as they were bred to chase and retrieve things.

The Science of Fetching

Did you know that playing Fetch is also good for Fido’s brain? As it turns out, Man’s bff can be very focused when calculating how to Fetch. An Arizona State professor tested that theory by putting a camera on a pooch and tossing a Frisbee. The pup precisely adjusted his direction and speed to keep the Frisbee in the same spot in his field of vision. This is something professional baseball players do when running after fly balls. Another study showed that dogs chasing objects thrown into the water calculated the best spot to run into the water, figuring it out so they could run on land–where they are much faster–as long as possible.


Fetch is a great doggy workout for Fido. It’s also a good option for people whose pets are more active than they are. The pooch does all the work while the human can stay in one place! If you really want to give your four-legged pal a good workout, go to a spot where he has to run uphill.


Keep in mind that all dogs have their own unique exercise needs. Some pups shouldn’t jump or stand on their back legs. Ask your vet if Fetch is right for your canine friend. Also, only use objects that are appropriate for your pet, as he could crack or even break his teeth on hard objects. Finally, take care not to overexert your furry pal. Fido has been known to wear himself out trying to please his humans. (Cats couldn’t care less what we think, but that’s another topic.)

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