Fluffy’s Holiday Agenda

Happy Holidays! We always like hearing about the different traditions and events people like to do every year. Our feline patients actually have a few of their own! Read on as a local Matthews, NC vet lists a few things your kitty is likely to do over the next few weeks.

Chair Theft

Fluffy is certainly an opportunist, and she is always on the prowl for warm napping spots. Don’t be surprised if your kitty seizes the chance to hop into a warm, recently-vacated seat. (You may come back a minute later, and find your furry buddy sound asleep, as if she’d been there all day, but that’s just to be expected.)

‘Help’ With Decorating

Our feline friends are actually quite small and fragile, and they love feeling safe and pampered. Fluffy may try to repay your kindness by ‘assisting’ as you wrap gifts or pack boxes for shipping. (This may not be very helpful, but it’s definitely cute!)

Tree Shenanigans

You really can’t blame Fluffy for taking an interest in that pretty Christmas tree. After all, to her it seems like a giant cat tower hung with kitty toys! You want to make the tree less appealing to your frisky furball, decorate the bottom part very sparingly, and with only safe, unbreakable ornaments. Put the majority of the decorations on the top two-thirds, where they are (hopefully) out of paws’ reach.

Play With A New Toy

Cats are very playful, which is one reason they are so much fun to have around. Give your feline pal lots of new toys to pounce on!

Play With Something That’s Not A Toy

Kitties certainly are full of adorable quirks. It wouldn’t be much of a shock if Fluffy ignored that expensive plaything you got her, and attacked a stray packing peanut instead. Just don’t let her chew on anything that isn’t safe.


It takes more than a holiday to disrupt Her Majesty’s nap routine. True to form, Fluffy will probably sleep through most of the holidays. (Tip: a new bed would be a purrfect gift.)

Be Adorable

No matter what time of year it is, Fluffy will charm us with her pretty fur, cute face, and adorable mannerisms. Kitties truly are precious gifts!

As your Matthews, NC animal clinic, we want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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