Our Careteam

Practice Manager, Registered Veterinary Technician
Jamie has been fascinated by the world of medicine ever since she was a little girl, and always knew that she would grow up to work in the medical field one day. When she realized that she could combine her scientific and medical passions with her lifelong love for animals, the choice was obvious! Jamie decided to dive headfirst into veterinary medicine, and she hasn’t regretted a single moment since.

Jamie is from Buffalo, New York and graduated from Medaille College in 1998 with her Associate’s degree in veterinary technology. Next, she relocated to North Carolina, and it wasn’t long before Jamie started her first job as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Six months later, she passed the North Carolina state board exams to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

After working her way up the ranks to serve in a number of management positions—including stints as an Office Manager, Technician Supervisor, and Hospital Manager—Jamie was thrilled to join the Fullwood Animal Hospital family in May of 2018. She particularly likes working with numbers and spreadsheets, and she’s also fond of problem-solving and implementing various techniques to help the clinic run as smoothly as possible. Jamie is also passionate about working with a variety of personalities and helping others to grow in their careers; she believes wholeheartedly that a great team learns from one another, helps one another, and succeeds together!

In her time away from the office, Jamie likes completing DIY projects at home, working on her saltwater fish tank, and spending quality time with her family and pets. She has two wonderful daughters, Briana and Brooklyn, and shares her life with a pair of canine companions: Asia, a sweet and loyal one-eyed Pit Bull, as well as an adorable Chihuahua mix named Bungee.
Technician Supervisor
Leslie was looking for a new path to take after she’d sold the restaurant she used to own. While driving past an animal hospital that was under construction, she thought that working with animals seemed like something she could see herself doing—after all, she’d always had pets! She’s worked in the veterinary field since 1987, and to this day she’s grateful for being given the chance to find her true calling.

Leslie was born and raised in central Virginia. After working at a clinic in Charlotte, Leslie moved to Union County and came to Fullwood Animal Hospital. She says the best part about her job is that she gets to learn something new every day; Leslie says that the clinic staff never truly knows what may be in store for them on any particular workday!

Currently, Leslie has one pet of her own: an Australian Shepherd named Rowdy Oliver. When she’s not at work, Leslie prefers to be outside and considers herself a beach bum at heart. She also likes to fish and watch golf. Her long-time passion, however, is flying. In 2010, she accomplished her ultimate goal of flying a T-6 Texan airplane!
Client Care Coordinator Supervisor
Although Mary never dreamed she would work at an animal hospital, she took a chance one day and applied. After taking some time off to spend with her first child, Mary decided to get back into the field and started at Fullwood Animal Hospital in 1997. She’s now spent over 20 years total working in the veterinary industry!

Mary is from Union County, North Carolina and currently lives in Unionville with her husband of 16 years, Chuck. They have two children: Brooke is 21, and Dylan is 14. Both kids share their mother’s love of animals! The family has two Rat Terriers, Rosey and Apple, a Toy Fox Terrier named Esme, and a cat named Binx.

Outside of work, Mary likes to go to the beach and on camping trips with her family and dogs. She also loves to check out yard sales with her husband, make crafts, and volunteer at special functions for their church. One day, she hopes to go on a Missions trip to help those less fortunate than her.
Client Care Coordinator and Social Media Extraordinaire
Nickie has always considered herself a “people person,” and she’s had a lifelong fascination with animal medicine. What better way to combine her love of working with the public and her passion for pet care, she thought, than by working in a veterinary clinic? Nickie gets to do what she loves every day—she’s a proud member of the Fullwood Animal Hospital reception team.

Nickie grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and worked in the human healthcare field before becoming a veterinary professional—she spent nearly a decade helping others as a Certified Nursing Assistant! She joined the Fullwood Animal Hospital team in the fall of 2018, and couldn’t be happier with her choice. Nickie particularly likes working alongside a team of animal-lovers just like herself, and her favorite part of her job is getting to meet and greet a variety of pet and human personalities on a daily basis.

Most of Nickie’s free time away from the office is spent with her family. She and her husband, Phil, have a teenaged son named Drew and also share their home with several pets: Buster, a Beagle; Nip the Chihuahua; a Labrador mix named Lila; and several freshwater fish. Nickie especially likes watching her son at his baseball games, cooking and baking, doing yard work, and taking her dogs to the lake.
Veterinary Assistant
Tristan has felt a distinct fascination with animal care ever since he was young. He constantly asked for toy veterinary kits and stuffed animals during his childhood Christmases; rather than cartoons, he would choose to watch Animal Planet. Now, Tristan’s passion has led him full-circle—he’s thrilled to jumpstart his veterinary journey as a member of the Fullwood Animal Hospital family!

Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Tristan moved with his family to Goffstown, New Hampshire when he was six years old. He was in the sixth grade when he chose to shadow a local veterinarian for a school requirement—that sparked a fascination with the world of veterinary care that hasn’t wavered since. During his third year of collegiate studies, Tristan was given the opportunity to complete a work-study requirement at his local animal shelter, allowing him to experience hands-on medical work for the first time.

After graduation, Tristan moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina in order to pursue his next goal: helping animals in the south. When he came across a job opening at Fullwood Animal Hospital, Tristan knew that he’d found the perfect fit! Now, he’s a Veterinary Assistant here at the clinic and has developed a special passion for client education. Most of all, Tristan loves going home every day knowing that he’s made a true difference in the community.

Away from work, Tristan enjoys reading and writing, crocheting and knitting, and spending time with his own pets at home. Since moving to North Carolina in 2014, he’s become the parent of two mischievous cats—Jimmy, an orange-and-white tabby, and a tiny kitten named Toby—as well as a Rottweiler mix, Katie, who likes to think she’s a lap dog.
Client Care Coordinator
Jan grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina with her parents, three brothers, and a house full of pets. She’s always had a soft spot in her heart for our animal companions, and is thrilled to help them live better lives on a daily basis! Jan is a proud member of Fullwood Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistant team.

Before entering the veterinary profession, Jan worked with human patients for many years as a Registered Nurse. When the time came to change her career path, she knew that she wanted to remain in the healthcare field; why not use her existing skills and improve pets’ health at the same time, Jan thought, by working in the field of animal medicine? It wasn’t long before she was hired on as a Veterinary Assistant and began her training in the field of veterinary care. Next, Jan started managing mobile pet-vaccine clinics and traveled all over the state performing vaccinations!

Jan joined the Fullwood Animal Hospital family in May of 2018 and serves as a Veterinary Assistant. Medically, she’s fond of surgery and behavior work, and she especially likes to experience the joy of seeing puppies grow and thrive.

When she isn’t tending to the needs of pets here at the hospital, Jan can be found spending quality time with her daughter. Together, they enjoy cooking, shopping, and hiking.
Veterinary Assistant, Surgical Supervisor, Kennel Supervisor
Sarah has always had a certain way with animals, and feels a sense of duty to give them the best lives that she possibly can. For her, a career spent helping pets simply makes sense! Sarah is a Veterinary Technician with the Fullwood Animal Hospital family.

Sarah is originally from Poughkeepsie, New York, but began her veterinary care journey at a clinic in Florida in 2009. (Her mother even operates her own dog boarding business in the state!) After a few years, she became the Practice Manager at another animal hospital before moving to North Carolina in early 2018 to continue her career in pet care. That April, Sarah was thrilled to join the compassionate care team here at Fullwood Animal Hospital—she’s been caring for the area’s pets ever since!

When she isn’t helping pets live happier, healthier lives here at the hospital, Sarah can be found painting and drawing, reading, or spending time with her own mischievous pet, Layla, at home.
Veterinary Assistant
Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Marfelia spent a lot of time during her formative years helping stray or injured animals that she would come across in her neighborhood. Ever since she can remember, she’s found herself tending to the needs of the earth’s creatures in one way or another. For Marfelia, a career in animal care simply makes sense!

Marfelia first came to Fullwood Animal Hospital as an intern while she was still in high school. She’s been a member of the clinic family ever since! Marfelia was thrilled to join the hospital staff officially in June of 2018, and she serves the area’s pets and animal owner as an Animal Care Attendant. Her favorite part of the job is working with a variety of pets and getting to see them feel better thanks to their time here at the hospital.

Away from work, Marfelia enjoys painting and musical theater. She even spends her summers working in the wardrobe department at the local community theater!
Veterinary Assistant
In 2019, after seven rewarding years working in the court system, Ryan started to feel like he wasn’t making as much of a difference as he would have liked. He knew it was time to make a change and find something more meaningful. As a lifelong animal-lover, a thought came to him: what if he could help pets and people at the same time? It wasn’t long before Ryan had launched his journey in veterinary medicine!

Ryan grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and graduated from Western Carolina University in 2009 with his degree in criminal justice. After working various jobs in the Sylva area for a few years, he started working at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in 2011. When the time came to make a change a number of years later, Ryan decided to dive headfirst into veterinary medicine—he signed on as a receptionist at a local pet hospital, and the rest is history.

As an Assistant here at Fullwood Animal Hospital, Ryan enjoys getting an up-close look at animal biology, anatomy, and behavior. He never tires of learning new things about the world of pet care. And nothing beats getting an animal patient to feel comfortable and trusting around him!

At home, Ryan and his family live with a number of pets. They have four dogs—a Westie puppy named Graham, Penny the Carin Terrier, a pug named Buster, and a mixed-breed pup named Elvis—as well as four cats: Big Kitty, Zula, Fred, and Nela. When he has spare time away from work, Ryan likes making electronic music, hiking in the mountains, exploring Asheville whenever he gets the chance, and spending time with his girlfriend, Danielle.
Animal Care Attendant
Jamison grew up with a love for pets that hasn’t quit to this day. She’s always treated the earth’s creatures with the same love and respect that she has for her own friends and family. For Jamison, putting that passion to good use by working in the veterinary field simply made sense! She’s a member of the Fullwood Animal Hospital kennel team, and couldn’t be happier to help the pets and animal parents of this area on a daily basis.

Jamison is a Mint Hill native and joined the Fullwood Animal Hospital family in the summer of 2020 after hearing about an opening from the Practice Manager, Jamie. It wasn’t long before she had signed on as an official member of the team! As an Animal Care Attendant, Jamison particularly likes spending time with the clinic’s boarding dogs, and she loves to bathe them and take them on walks outside. She also enjoys cleaning the kennel area to keep it spotless for the clinic’s furry visitors.

Away from the hospital, Jamison enjoys spending time with her family’s pets at home. She has a bird and three dogs: Samson, a loving and loyal German Shepherd; Jake the Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix who licks Jamison’s face every morning to wake her up; and a Chihuahua named Krull who is obsessed with food.
Animal Care Attendant
The presence of animals gives Max a clarity in life that might otherwise be missing. Working in the veterinary field was simply the perfect choice! For Max, getting to make a difference in the lives of not only pets, but their human family members as well, is a dream come true.

Max is originally from Monroe but grew up mostly in Durham. After learning the ropes of the veterinary profession at Mint Hill Animal Hospital, Max worked in the grooming, training, and pet-boarding industry for a time before signing on here at Fullwood Animal Hospital in the kennel department. The rest is history! Max has been a valued member of the clinic family ever since.

One of Max’s favorite parts of the job is spending time with the clinic’s boarding dogs and getting to know their personalities better. Medically, Max likes looking at fecal samples under the microscope in order to determine what’s ailing a pet. And above all, making a lasting impact on pets and their families is always the ultimate reward.

Away from work, Max enjoys hiking, drawing, dog training, and doting on the family pets at home. The animal portion of the family includes Maverick, a Pit Bull/Boxer mix; Mishka the German Shepherd/Whippet mix; and a Labrador/Mastiff mix named Fletcher who is a service dog-in-training. Max also has a cat, Roscoe, a pair of aquatic turtles named Jennifer and Margo, and a California King Snake who goes by Casino.
Ever since she was a little girl, Kristen harbored an intense love for animals of all shapes and sizes. Her family’s red Chow Chow made a lasting impression—Kristen knew that she wanted to learn more about pet care so that she could help all of the animals she possibly could. As a member of the Fullwood Animal Hospital family, she gets to use her grooming skills to help the area’s pets look and feel their absolute best every day!

Kristen is a North Carolina native and was only 17 years old when she first joined the kennel team at a local veterinary hospital. After working side-by-side with the two groomers there, she decided that she wanted to learn how to cut pet hair herself. The rest is history! Kristen has been grooming ever since.

After staying out of the workforce for a number of years as a stay-at-home mom, Kristen jumped at the chance to get back into grooming when a friend told her about an open position here at Fullwood Animal Hospital. She loves getting to meet a wide variety of animal personalities every day, and also likes the challenge of working with difficult or nervous furry clients. Kristen’s favorite part of her job, though, is seeing the looks on pet owners’ faces when their fully pampered pets are returned to them!

Most of Kristen’s free time away from work is spent with her family. She and her young son, Ethan, share their lives with three pets: a Pitbull named Skyler, a mixed-breed dog who goes by Half Pint, and a black cat named Lil Miss.
Registered Veterinary Technician
Joy decided to become a veterinary professional for one simple reason: because the field allows her to combine her passion for helping other people and her commitment to bettering the lives of pets. She gets to do just that on a daily basis! Joy is a proud member of the Fullwood Animal Hospital Veterinary Technician team.

Joy is a native of Raleigh and attended Veterinary Technician school to receive her licensure. She first joined the Fullwood Animal Hospital family in 2017 on a part-time basis, and was happy to accept a full-time role in 2020. Around the clinic, she enjoys challenging medical cases and also likes to learn something new almost every day—Joy finds that her career constantly keeps her on her toes!

Joy’s interests away from work include reading, horseback riding, watching documentaries, and doting on her own menagerie of pets at home. She lives with three dogs—Happy, who is more like a human; Elle, the world’s best ball-chaser; and sleep-loving Gus—as well as four cats who go by Tibby, Badger, Tick, and Colby. Joy also owns three lizards, a hedgehog, and a horse.
Veterinary Assistant
Born and raised in Charlotte, Ashley Butler has always had a big passion for animals and grew up surrounded by a huge variety, from dogs and cats, to rabbits and horses. It was her work in wildlife rescue, rehabilitating baby birds, which officially fanned her desire to enter the veterinary field. Helping as many animals as possible is what drives Ashley to go above and beyond for her clients and patients!

In her role as Veterinary Technician here at Fullwood Animal Hospital, Ashley loves challenging herself with new tasks and information. She’s an avid learner and constantly strives to improve her skills. Working in veterinary medicine helps her feel even closer to her own furry family member, a puppy named Sky who loves learning how to solve puzzles.

Outside of the clinic, Ashley loves to spend time doing outdoor activities and traveling to the mountains and the beach. She enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, planning park trips with friends and spending time at the white water center. She recently conquered her fear of heights by rock climbing and zip lining for the first time and had an amazing time!
Animal Care Attendant
When Lin’s friends and doctors recommended they get a service dog to provide support for their autism, they were skeptical. Not knowing much about animal care or dog training, they decided to look more into it. The more they researched and learned, the more they realized that they’d love to do it professionally. Turns out it came natural and easy. In fact, Lin openly admits that they relate more to dogs than humans!

Lin’s journey into the animal care industry began as a professional pet sitter, during which time they learned more and honed their skills in dog behavior. When they found out about the opening at Fullwood Animal Hospital for an Animal Care Attendant, they jumped at the chance to apply. Professionally, Lin enjoys seeing each of the dogs’ unique personalities. They also love shadowing our groomer, Krissy, and helping her bathe dogs and trim nails.

Lin’s maternal relatives have been in North Carolina since before the settlers came. They have done their best to embody their Tsalagi (Eastern Band Cherokee) ancestry by appreciating the Earth and the animals that live on it.

At home, Lin is pet-parent to two dogs: a lab-poodle mix named Cam and a Maltese named Sophie. Cam is a rescue who used to be dog and man reactive, but with Lin’s help, has gotten much better. Sophie acts more like a cat than a dog. She sits on the edge of sofas and doesn’t like to respond to her name.
In their spare time, Lin enjoys writing fictional stories, sometimes as screenplays and sometimes as novels. They haven’t gotten any published or produced as of yet, but hope to someday. A disability advocate (specifically focusing on Autism and Tourettes), Lin has gained over a quarter of a million followers online through their advocacy – something they are very proud of.