Allergies & Dermatology

You work hard to keep your pet healthy on the inside. You feed a healthy diet, provide plenty of exercise and bring them in for regular wellness visits. But what about the outside? Have you taken the time to care for your loved one’s external health too? If the answer is no, you’re not alone, and while many animals don’t require any additional care other than regular checkups, many others suffer from dermatological problems that can impact their quality of life.

The fact is, companion animals are susceptible to many of the same skin problems that humans can suffer from. Along with these conditions, your pet may also experience a number of uncomfortable side effects, including itching, discomfort and even pain.

The good news is, the team at Fullwood Animal Hospital is here to help! We offer full service, professional pet dermatology and allergy care to get your animal friend as healthy on the outside as he or she is on the inside.

Using a variety of diagnostic techniques, we will work to pinpoint the exact cause of your pet’s symptoms, which may include such conditions as:

When we’ve solved the puzzle of what is causing your pet’s itching or other unpleasant side effects, we’ll move on to developing a customized treatment plan that will provide relief and a better quality of life for your pet. Our treatment recommendations include a number of methods, used either alone or in combination with one another, such as topical creams, supplements, oral or injectable medication, therapy or surgery.

For allergies, the process involves identifying the type of allergy (food or environmental) as well as the exact things that are triggering your pet’s reactions. Once we’ve determined this, we can then develop a plan to reduce or eliminate exposure to these triggers. As part of this strategy, we may recommend that you make certain changes to your pet’s lifestyle to help them live a more comfortable, symptom-free existence.

Some of the common signs that a pet may be suffering from an allergy or dermatological problem include:

If you suspect your animal family member may be experiencing some type of allergy or skin problem, don’t let that special little creature suffer another moment! Schedule a professional dermatological evaluation with Fullwood Animal Hospital today. We can quickly diagnose and treat the problem at hand so your animal friend can get back to enjoying a happy, comfortable life once again.