Wellness & Vaccinations

Ever hear the expression, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? This powerful concept isn’t just true for human health. In fact, because of the shorter lifespans of our animal companions, it is even more true for them.

Because our pets are only with us for a precious amount of time, it’s imperative that we do everything within our power to both extend and improve the quality of the time we get to share with them. You see, it’s not just about bringing your pet in to the vet when he or she is sick or injured. To the contrary, it’s about taking the appropriate measures to prevent that illness or injury from occurring in the first place. The most effective tool we have for achieving this goal is routine wellness care.

Why is wellness care so important?

When we are able to examine your pet on a regular basis, we are able to both manage his or her current health, and to monitor that health over time. Preventative measures and early disease detection are huge benefits of wellness care, and they can add years to your companion’s life.

My pet seems fine. Does she really need to come in every year?

Many otherwise responsible pet parents make the mistake of believing that if their pet appears to be healthy, there’s no need for a vet visit. The problem is, companion animals are masters at disguising the signs and symptoms of illness. Without regular checkups, an underlying medical condition could be progressing and worsening within your pet’s body. If we don’t identify and address that illness in a timely manner, it could spell disaster for your pet. If we catch it early, on the other hand, the outcome will be much better for your loved one. That’s one of the main purposes of wellness care.

What is a wellness visit?

A wellness visit is similar to the routine checkup that you would have with your own doctor at least once a year. During a wellness visit, the doctor will examine your pet thoroughly, checking the entire body – nose to tail – for any potential concerns that may need to be addressed. We will weigh your pet and listen to his or her heart and lungs, making sure everything is functioning just as it should be. The doctor may also recommend certain routine diagnostic tests, as needed, to help us further assess your pet’s health.

The annual exam and diagnostic testing provides us with a clear snapshot of your pet’s current health, each and every time he or she visits. This also works as a guideline upon which we can measure all future exams and test results to identify any changes as they occur. The sooner we recognize the signs of a potential problem, the easier and more cost-effective it will be to address that problem.

Wellness visits also provide the opportunity for us to take important preventative measures to help protect your pet from the many risks and dangers he or she will encounter over the years. We will develop a customized vaccination plan that will be tailored specifically to your pet, based on his or her lifestyle and risk factors. We will also discuss and make recommendations on such important topics as parasite control, nutrition and weight management, behavior and anything else deemed to be important in keeping your loved one happy and healthy.

Getting to know you…

Finally, although equally as important, annual wellness visits allow all of us at Fullwood Animal Hospital to get to know you and your pet, and to connect with you both on a more personal level. This is important because only when we truly understand your companion’s unique needs, can we develop the most customized and effective health care plan. Furthermore, we are able to forge a lifelong partnership with you, based on trust and mutual respect, with the shared goal of providing your animal friend with a lifetime of exceptional care.

You love your pet and would do anything to keep that little guy or gal around for as many years as possible. It all starts with a simple commitment from you. Give your loved one the gift of a long, healthy and happy life with wellness care from Fullwood Animal Hospital.